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Bringing Sexy Back To The Marriage Conference 2024 Presents:

Wives On The Battlefield For Marriage - Love, Lust, and Passion!


Marriage is under attack like never before

Being on the battlefield for your marriage means being prepared to fight for love, respect, and happiness. It requires effort, resilience, and a shared commitment to building a strong and enduring marriage.

Join us at the Annual Bringing Sexy Back To The Marriage Conference 2024, where we will empower wives like you to reclaim their rightful place on the battlefield for marriage. Our theme, "Love, Lust, and Passion," encapsulates the very essence of what it takes to strengthen the bonds between you and your husband.

Why should you attend this remarkable event?

Here are just a few compelling reasons:

  • Expert Insights: Discover practical strategies and actionable advice to revive the spark and create a fulfilling, intimate connection with your husband.

  • Empowering Workshops: Dive deep into a series of interactive workshops designed specifically for wives who are ready to transform their marriages. Let loose your inner seductress, enhance your communication skills, explore the power of touch, and learn new ways to reignite desire in your relationship. You'll leave with a newfound confidence and a toolkit of techniques to keep the flame burning long after the conference ends.

  • Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded wives who share your desire for a stronger, more passionate marriage. Forge meaningful friendships, engage in insightful discussions, and be part of a supportive community that will uplift and encourage you on your wife-life journey

  • Inspiration and Motivation: Prepare to be inspired by powerful stories of transformation and renewed love. Listen to real-life experiences from wives who have navigated through challenges and come out stronger, more connected, and more passionate than ever. Their stories will motivate you to embrace change and ignite the fire within your own relationship.

  • Fun and Entertainment: We believe in the power of laughter and joy in any transformative journey. Delight in exciting games and giveaways, enjoy delectable cuisine, and indulge in a vibrant atmosphere that will invigorate your senses and add an extra layer fun to your conference experience.









Don't let another year pass without taking action to reignite the love, lust, and passion in your marriage.

Join us at the Annual Bringing Sexy Back To The Marriage Conference 2024: Wives On The Battlefield For Marriage - Love, Lust, and Passion!

Secure your spot today and embark on a journey towards a thriving, fulfilling, and passionate marriage.

Register now and unlock the secrets to a love that lasts a lifetime. It's time to reclaim your place on the battlefield for marriage!



Meet the founder of bsb dr. gail crowder

Company commander 

I am a wife of over 36 years, mother of two boys and, adoptive mother of two girls, the Founder and President of Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage (BSB). After seeing a need in both secular and religious communities, Dr. Gail wanted to create a safe space dedicated to the spiritual and sexual enhancement of marriages for the modern-day wife. Dr. Gail has been responsible for spicing up thousands of marriages through the BSB conference and continues to change lives every day. As an author, marriage and life coach, Dr. Gail has appeared on dozens of television and radio shows as a specialist and seasoned lifestyle & relationship expert.

I started Bringing Sexy Back To The Marriage (BSB) after realizing a huge void on behalf of the church. The unwillingness to talk about sex in marriage in church is forcing people to look outside of God’s word for answers. Trust me! You don’t want to do that. The world doesn’t want your marriage to be successful.

They still show images of us wives being frumpy, bored, insecure. You know that ol’ ball-and-chain mess! Well, I’m not that! I am One Sexy Wife! And you will be too as you go through the site and get the answers to your burning questions. And allow me to be on this journey with you to restore your marriage.

meet your drill sergeants





meet the platoon

Wife Life Classes (Friday)

included in your registration

In this class, Gail will explore thoughts, emotions, and communication patterns within a marriage. You will gain a deeper understanding of how your mindset as a wife can impact the dynamics of your marriage, and learn to recognize and address the common mental roadblocks that hinder intimacy, trust, and connection.

Getting your body mission-ready in marriage involves focusing on your physical and emotional well-being to ensure you are prepared for the challenges and joys that come with marriage. Delanya is ready to get you in shape mentally, physically and spiritually

Learning to think before reacting in marriage is a crucial skill that can greatly improve communication, understanding, and overall harmony in the relationship. Recognize your triggers taking time to reflect on the situations or behaviors that tend to trigger strong emotional reactions in you. This could be something your husband says or does that makes you feel defensive, hurt, or angry. Kashonna is going to give you the tools to think before you speak.

Communication is a cornerstone of a healthy and successful marriage. It plays a vital role in fostering understanding, resolving conflicts, and strengthening the emotional connection between you and your spouse. Effective communication allows couples to express their needs, desires, and concerns openly, leading to greater intimacy, love and Amazing sex in the marriage. Shawn will teach you how to communicate effectively and not hit below the belt.

BSB Sextra’s

The Art Of The Strip (ONLY 8 Spots) with Ashley $55.00

    Ripping off each other's clothes and hitting the sheets can be fun, but slowing down the process makes sex hotter. Come see how you can give him a full-on striptease, or just make getting naked a little more exciting! You will learn a tantalizing dance to seduce your husband with every inch of your body! In this interactive class you will learn: How to PEEL off layers with style and sexy grace! How to take control, seduce and keep both your husbands eyes on you! How to set the stage (your bedroom) for THE ART OF THE STRIP How to excite your husband like a pro!

The Show

The Show (ONLY 10 Spots) $55.00 with Dr. Gail

    The Show Is An In Your Face, Intense Hands-On Felatio Class taught by Dr. Gail For the Woman That Is Serious About Pleasing Her Man. Enrollment Is Limited To Allow Intimate Individual Review Of The Various Techniques That Will Be Taught. Seats are limited!


Friday January 19,2024

11:00 BSB Wives On The Battlefield Registration opens

12:00- 12:45 (Love)The Battlefield of The Mind - Gail Crowder

1:00- 1:45 Getting Mission Ready

2:00- 2:45 The Situation Room- Learning To Think Before You React- (kashonna Marrow)

3:00- 3:45 Love & War With Words- Communication- Shawn LeSuer

4:00 – 5:30 The Show ($Sextra) – Gail Crowder 

4:00-5:30 The Art Of The Strip ($Sextra)- Ashley Gilbert 

4:00 – 6 pm OSW Haute Shop Opens- Classroom #3

6:00- 7:00 Dinner In Dining Room (Chesapeake Dining Room)

7: 30 – 10:00 Open doors to Ballroom – OSW Girlfriend’s Party Classroom #1

***BSB After Hours*****

10:30 – 11:30 PJ’s & Prayer- 8th Floor- The Wives War Room- Unlocking God’s Promises (Valena Metcalfe)

Saturday January 20,2024

6:30 – 8:30 Breakfast in Dining room (Chesapeake Dining Room)

7:00- 8:45 OSW Shop Open

(NOTE) OSW Shop will be open during breaks

9:00-9:45 (Lust) Sexual Readiness- Communicating Your Sexual Needs, Wants & Desires (Gail Crowder)

10:00-10:45 This I How I Fight My Battles- (Valena Metcalfe)

11:15 – 12:30 Lunch Dining Room (Chesapeake Dining Rm)

1:00- 1:45 Locked & Loaded To Win In Marriage- Shawn LeSuer

2:00- 2:45 A Love Worth Fighting For

3:00- 4:00 Soft Sultry Dance Moves

4:15 - 4:45 (Passion) Mission Possible (Dr. Gail)

5:00- 5:30 Q &A Panel 5:30-6:00 Pictures and Give-aways