A 12 month program for married women who are ready for a life altering -well designed program to increase productivity and efficiency in order to find power, sex and balance within their married lives.

Wives will receive a custom designed plan to assist them with every area of their livelihood.

From the Stay at Home Warrior Princess to the Corporate Ladder Climbing Goddess, The Marriage Guide will drastically change the lives of wives, empowering them to live the life they were born to live.




Months: 1- 4


Month 1:  Spiritual Values – The Design For Your Marriage

Month 2:  Trust/Infidelity – Trust, Respect, Love and Honesty

Month 3:  Communication – Talk To Me Not At Me

Month 4:  Sex/Romance – I Have So Many Questions

Months: 5-8

Floor Plan/Elevations:

Month 5: Prioritizing the Relationship/Taking Care Of Home – Who Comes First?

Month 6: Handling Conflict – Love And War

Month 7: Submission/Leadership – Your Not The Boss Of Me

Month 8: Expectations – When Expectations Meets Reality

Months: 9-12

Cross Sections/ Details:

Month 9: Finances/Money – His Money, My Money

Month 10: Balancing/Scheduling – I Don’t Have Time

Month 11: Dream Building – Your Dream, My Dream, Our Dreams

Month 12: Who Am I? – How To Love Without Losing Yourself

Bonus Month: Appreciation – The Fact Is I Need You