All the single ladies. All the single ladies.

Welcome to Seal the Deal! If you are a single woman then you know that you have a theme song, but is it really helping you through your relationship challenges?

Face it.
You hear all of the statistics, the dome and gloom stories about being single and there are examples of unhealthy relationships everywhere you look.
But don’t get caught up with all the negatives. You can find and have the relationship of your dreams.

If you are ready to move from single, to committed, to married….

Then you need Seal the Deal.

Gail Crowder

The Relationship Expert

A Message From Gail:

When I first started dating, I didn’t know how to react to a man. I thought the way to win over a man’s affection was to please him. This sounds like a fantastic idea, but I made a big mistake. I began to see men through the filters of my own personality and I made assumptions that what I liked and needed were the same things he would like and need. Boy was I wrong!

What happened was one disaster after another because I kept doing the same old thing date after date, man after man. Once I learned that I needed to adjust the way I related and communicated with the guy I was dating, I was able to” Seal The Deal” and now have been married for 28 years.

Life Coach Gail Crowder breaks down the top places to meet your potential match



“Seal the Deal workbook is jam packed with tips and tools to help you take your dating and relationship to the next level.”

Seal the Deal workbook is jam packed with tips and tools to help you take your dating and relationship to the next level.

From learning the four dating personality types to the right way to date them , this workbook is full of exercises to get you thinking outside the box to find and seal the deal with your perfect mate.

Join A Monthly Singles Chat

Every third Sunday join us for an interactive chat about all things single. During this time you will chat with Kiki and Gail and they will share some tools and lessons to help you navigate your single life.

The Next Singles Chat

Topic: I’m not Single but I’m NOT married either!
Date: October 16, 2016
Time: 8:30 EST
Call in Information:  1-218-339-8141
Conference Passcode: 995605

Join Me For the Next Seal The Deal LIVE!

You will learn:
How To Overcome Your Fears and Vulnerability In a Relationship
How To Let Go of Unhealthy Emotional Baggage and Unforgiveness You Bring Into a Relationship
The Secrets of Online Dating
5 Questions You Should Ask Every Man Before You Decide To Date or Marry Him
How To Remove the Blinders in Dating
The 7 Little Secrets a Man Won’t Tell You
How To Know He’s Just Not Into You
How Dawg’s Share Their Women and Real Men Don’t
Mastering Dating Skills in 2016
And much more…

Next LIVE Event TBD 2017

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