Gail knows that fabulous relationships emerge from within each enlightened person. As a relationship expert, life and marriage coach, Gail helps couples and individuals manage their time, resources, and improve their self-confidence. With her help, clients can rejuvenate their relationships to awaken and nourish their heart’s need for deep, enduring, and meaningful relationships. Gail teaches you can have sensual and satisfying relationships without losing yourself and what makes you happy.


Gail is a passionate author, vivacious speaker, and enchanting media guest expert on the subject of sensuality and seduction through building glamourous self images within the context of scriptually based marriages. With fabulous humor, vast coaching experience, and heartfelt compassion, Gail brings a fresh and positive perspective to any relationship oriented conversation.


As a sought-after relationship expert, personal stylist, life and marriage coach, Gail helps women and couples reignite the fires of passion to and build satisfyingly intimate relationships with their God, themselves, and each other. Through listening to her client’s needs and giving them strategic tools, Gail empowers and inspires all seeking to attract and nurture the best relationships imaginable.

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Bringing Sexy Back To Your Marriage

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How To Attract Your Dream Man/Woman

My First Love: Reconnecting with God


Keep Your Legs Open- A Wives Guide To Sexual Satisfaction 

Bringing Sexy Back To Your Marriage

Tall Glass Of Water- Rehydrating The Dry Places Within Your Life

Chronicles of Real Sexy Wives

Your Purse Size Fashion Guide: The Fundamentals for Building Your Wardrobe

10 Days To Bringing Sexy Back To Your Marriage Journal/Workbook

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