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Praise For BSB

  • I absolutely loved the "Bringing the Sexy back to the marriage Conference" because it reminded me of my responsibilities as a wife. Instead of focusing on our mate and what they could do for us, it taught me how to work on what I need to do for my marriage. The atmosphere during the conference was a sisterhood among wives I have never experienced. I learned through sharing and an open mind and when I tell you they brought it to us, the conference is a must for any woman engaged or married woman who wants to give and do their best in making sure they live a successful and blessed union! I won't miss the next one and neither should you!! A++!

    Lisa Washington
  • I can’t say enough good things about Bring Sexy Back To The Marriage. This conference truly opened my eyes and showed me that my role in my marriage was to be the most sexy, loving, kind and compassionate wife to my husband. BSB brought all that to life for me in a way that was exciting, intimate and loving. It also showed me that I was not alone in my struggles as a wife and having other wives around to support me made all the difference in the world. My advice to any women who wants to take her marriage to the next level, get to BSB, it will change your marriage!

    Kiki Ramsey
  • BSB is that safe place where we can share with our sisters in confidentiality and know that they will help guide us to the path of healing and strengthening our relationships. The fact that it’s an amazing and fun experience is only a plus! You WILL come out of there knowing in confidence that you now have an army of women praying for you!

    Melissa Frost Hoy
  • I had the pleasure of attending the BSB Conference in Philly with Gail Crowder and her awesome team. I've never experienced an event for women of this magnitude. The energy in the room was high with wives anxious  to take their marriages to a whole new level. Until this,conference I underestimated my role as a wife in its entirety. Gail and her team taught us from a practical and biblical perspective  how to truly become our husband's teammate. I have a newfound appreciation for my husband and marriage. I am thankful for the wisdom, insight and passion of the BSB team and their commitment to marriages.

  • Your Ministry is so Transparent and I am Grateful for the Encouraging Encounter we Had Today! Your selfless act of Truth,Exposure, and Honesty is Refreshing in a World where everyone wants to be only as good as there lashes, bundles, and attire, I Thank God for you and I Pray that the Blessings of God continue to overtake you, your family and Ministry! Love you!

    Shawanna Thompson


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